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Why “JavaScript”?


JavaScript is growing more popular each year. JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web. The fact is JavaScript is used by almost every website. 97.6% of all websites use JavaScript. Every year it’s going on adding new libraries, models, and frameworks. It’s a single language that works natively in the application, and also on the server-side too. The early versions of Javascript were called Mocha. After that, this is named LiveScript. Finally, for marketing purposes, this LiveScript is named as JavaScript as Java. JavaScript enables interactive web pages and therefore is an important part of network applications.

JavaScript is a scripting language also is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. JavaScript improves the user experience by converting the static website into an interactive one. JavaScript adds behavior to the website.
Mainly, JavaScript is a language with which you can start easily and can understand easily. You can start learning right away without installing a bunch of softwares and programs. JavaScript has a graphical UI that’s fun and easy to manipulate. You can write code that will run in your browser so that you can build interactive web pages and web apps. Every browser comes with source code viewing features that lets you learn from other people’s code and website. JavaScript has the most active repository of library code. 
An interactive JavaScript interpreter is built right into the browser, allowing you to experiment and debug to get feedback and to run the code which helps us to learn faster. JavaScript is intuitive for beginner programmers and a great vehicle to teach students the basics of Computer Science. Once you really understand how deeply JavaScript works then you can easily switch to other programming languages.
JavaScript comes with great event handlers, and switch handlers which gives us the reliability of building interactive websites. 
Now let’s code a small Hello World program.

This will print Hello World in the console of the website. There are two types of ways to run and get the output of the JavaScript code. The first one is using Developer Tools: You can get these Developer Tools by right-clicking on the website. Go to the inspect and go to the console. Boom, you can find your JavaScript code output.
Right Click -> Inspect -> Console

The second one is if you are using any code editor or IDE you can get the output by installing Node.js into the system. But most developers use developer tools only.
I hope this gave you a clear idea about the question of why “JavaScript”? In my future blogs, I’ll explain topics of JavaScript where many developers find JavaScript difficult at one stage. Stay Tuned…


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